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Behind the Tweezers.

Delaney Clarke & Taylor Paquette

From the first moment I discovered lash extensions, I was completely captivated.


Their transformative power, not just in terms of enhancing one's beauty but also in elevating one's confidence, deeply resonated with me. This simple yet profound art of giving individuals a renewed sense of self-assurance fuelled my passion and drew me into the world of esthetics. As the years went by, this initial allure turned into a profound commitment. With every satisfied client and the joy they expressed, my aspirations grew.


​ Lashesxdel was created and designed when I was 18 back in early 2020. My first business name wasn't just a title; it was the initial spark that ignited my entrepreneurial journey. It laid the foundational stone upon which the edifice of my brand was built.  I started rebranding what started as LashesXdel to the current Delluxe Beauty Bar in late September 2021. I have been able to complete 9 certifications and have plans to continue to get many more. Delluxe Beauty Bar is one of my first accomplishments and I intend for it to be more than just a name one day.

In 2021 I also started thinking about how I could further my education around the cosmetic industry and enrolled at Conestoga College for Esthetics. I graduated with a diploma in 2023 with high honours and even more of a passion. I am proud to say I am currently a Professor at the College in the esthetics department hoping to ignite the same spark in others as my instructors did to me.

In May of 2023 I was awarded platinum in Guelphs community awards for the esthetician category. This is one of the greatest awards I could have been given. Being recognized and voted by not only the Guelph community but the Delluxe Beauty Bar family meant so much to me. 

I was lucky enough to grow extremely close with Taylor as she was one of my first clients ever to trust me with her lashes back in 2020. Taylor is undeniably one of the most caring, passionate and determined individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. All these traits and many more, like her innate ability to inspire, her visionary outlook, and her constant sense of humour, make me realize every day just how fortunate I am. Having Taylor as a business partner is not just about having someone to share the responsibilities with; it's about having a companion whose very essence brings joy and light to every moment. She's not just a partner; she's the heart and soul of our shared dream and Delluxe- and Delluxe, as well as whoever walks through the door, is extremely lucky to have someone like that. 

At the core of my work is a simple principle: prioritize my clients and amplify their natural beauty. I don’t aim to change or overshadow what's already there. Instead, I focus on subtle enhancements that bring out the best in each individual. It's about fine-tuning, not reinventing. My goal is to make clients feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, providing quality services that align with their personal preferences and natural features. Simply put, I'm here to make sure my clients shine in their own authentic way.


I cannot wait to grow this brand with you. 

All the love, 


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