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For the past 3 years Delluxe has been taking every learning opportunity and applying it to this course. It has been written and rewritten multiple times over the past 2 years to ensure perfection. Making sure the course as well as the kit is up to date, in depth and quality based is a top priority.


This 100+ page manual goes into extreme detail in both lash training with an additional insider scoop for how to benefit from social media, clientele and tips/ tricks about running your own business! 

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This course is both in depth and quality based to make sure you are informed in all areas of lashing. From isolation to removals and lots of hands on practice this course ensures all area's will be throughly explained with constant support even after the training has finished!

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Ingredients, descriptions and product knowledge is essential when selling products to your clients or finding suitable quality products to use. This course not only gives you the highest quality products in your kit but goes into ingredients and the difference between quality vs quantity. 



Being in the industry for 3+ years has taught me so much and is a major reason as to why I did not what to rush into training others until I understood every aspect I wanted to teach. Building something from the ground up takes time, patients and determination. After this course is completed and you start your own journey I want to be there every step of the way.

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