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Delluxe Classics

Also known as our Everlasting Classic Set!

  • 2 hr
  • 110 Canadian dollars
  • Delluxe Beauty Bar Home Studio

Service Description

An everlasting classic set is more than your natural classic but less full than a hybrid! A classic set is a 1:1 ratio of extension and natural lash. With the everlasting classic set, it is 2 thinner lashes for every natural lash. This allows the set to be fluffier, fuller but also very natural and light. The retention on an everlasting set is also better due to the fact that an extension is placed on either side of the natural lash! and since they are thinner they will adhere better as well. Its also because when one lash falls out, you still have another extension on that lash- meaning it will still look full! It is a simple full set that can add more length than a classic can sometimes offer. **Like every set, the more full your natural lashes are the more full the final set will be. This model had very full and thick natural lashes meaning her end result is very full. Not everyone's lashes are like this. **

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