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C$25.00Sale Price

Joy- a feeling of great pleasure or happiness


Lashing is not supposed to feel like a chore. You picked this path to leave the traditional job and create something that is your own. To be your own boss. This feeling should purely be joy whenever you complete a set and see a clients smile after you hand them the mirror. With this tweezer, I want to emcompass everything that we consider joyous.


Creating that perfect fan and making that perfect set tailored for your client gives you that feeling, and I want to help. It is perfect for fanning shorter lengths or placing lashes on those hard to reach lashes. This tweezer is perfect for seeing more of the lash when placing and will make any set easier through its modernized nano grip technology. Nano grip makes any pick up easier without the lashes shifting especially when fanning on the strip. I want the Gioia tweezer to give you all the joy that reminds you of why you started. 

  • Returns & Refunds

    All sales are final, with no refund or exchanges. All Delluxe Beauty Bar products are kept in a sterile sanitary environment at perfect temperature and humidity for the best function. Please ensure all your products are ordered correctly, we are only able to make changes to the parcels before they are shipped out, we are not able to accept any product back after it has left our facility! Client safety and product hygiene are our priority. 

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