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All About Lashes

Ever Wonder What Set is Best For You?

One of the things I hear the most is "I don't know what set suits me" or "I never know what set to get". 

With so many different styles, sets and face shapes it is very hard to find the set that will bring out your beautiful features most. I wanted to make it easier for all clients that go to any tech, to get a little bit more of an understanding as to what they want done. 

Take the quiz below to find out what set you should get!

The main thing to know when choosing a set to book is what your natural lashes look like. 

Are they thin?

Are they thick?

Are they full?

Are they sparse?

Not knowing these will make it extremely difficult when trying to find that perfect set. 

Let's break it down a little:

If you have very thin and sparse natural lashes, you are NOT a good candidate for a natural set such as classics or the everlasting set. The ideal client for a classic set is someone with a full lash line that wants to keep the simplicity of a natural look. 


These natural lashes are very sparse and have many gaps in the inner corners. Getting a classic set would highlight the gaps and make it seem as if you need a refill due to the spaces. 


These natural lashes are perfect for a classic set because of how

thick and full they are. A classic set on this kind of natural lash will almost turn out looking like a light hybrid.

The recommended set for someone with sparse or thin lashes is a hybrid, volume or mega volume!

'Volume' set can be a scary term if you've never seen options. Many people's mind go straight to the thickest and boldest set possible when thats not the case. If you have plenty of lashes and ask for the boldest set, then yes its very possible BUT if you have gaps or not a lot of natural lashes, your final set won't turn out that way. 


Both of these images are the same clients as above. The client who had the more sparse natural lashes asked for a mega volume set which means a fan was placed on every natural lash she has. This isn't as full as what someone would imagine to be a 'mega set' but it all depends on the natural lashes. 

The second picture is a light hybrid set with a ratio of 25:75 fans to classic lashes. This set gives a lot of coverage because of how many lashes there were to work with!

In the end, natural lashes are a huge factor as to what set you can/ will look best on you. 

Have Questions?

Message me anytime and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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